About Us

 chips2.win is an affiliate website that informs users about the newest and top online Sportsbooks and Casino services. Our main purpose is to provide accurate, objective, and correct information. We strive to improve the services and we deliver our vision in the best way possible.


Our Mission

We consider our mission in iGaming to establish a strong bond between Online Casinos and  Sportsbooks with their existing and potential customers. And we will succeed in doing this by providing true information to both sides. Our trust that is iGaming there is a lot of truth to be told is the main reason why we launched this chips2.win. We put the right things first and this makes us the number one choice for every brand we work with and every player that visits our website.


What We Stand For

Innovation is the second name of the iGaming industry, we aim to be at its forefront, by supplying our users with the necessary knowledge and tools. We encourage our Users to make sure they are informed when they make the choice to engage in gambling activities.

At the same time, we advise our Partners to be open and honest with their clients. We consider it the only right way to a successful and long-lasting relationship.